Happy Easter

Dear Members and Friends,

On behalf of the AIPA Board, I wish you a happy, safe, and peaceful Easter, Passover, or just Happy Holidays.

May this time be filled with joy, hope, peace, and love.

Let's hope that this Easter will be a harbinger of the rebirth of peace in the world and hope for better, more peaceful, and more prosperous times in the present catastrophic geopolitical situation.

Dr Alexandra Margaret Dunwill

AIPA President

Afternoon with Zygmunt Sieradzki

Dear Friends,

If you are in Melbourne on April 30, please join us for the next AIPA event.

As you may know, AIPA is more than just a voluntary association. We form an intellectual circle, a group of colleagues and friends who meet regularly and discuss issues that interest us – issues related to Polish and Australian history, society, politics, and culture. After two years of Covid restrictions and no face-to-face events, we finally have a chance to meet with our members and friends in person.

Our next event will have both a social and a cultural focus. The guest of honour will be a film producer, the author, and poet, Mr Zygmunt Sieradzki. He will talk about his recently published poetry book, Accidental Kameleon (not a spelling mistake), and a documentary about his mother Wanda Sieradzka. A Holocaust survivor, journalist, and poet, Sieradzka wrote the lyrics to many popular Polish songs, including the hit Nie płacz, kiedy odjadę (Don't cry when I'm gone). The song resonated with generations of Poles and was one of the greatest hits of the '60s. The film will be screened in the second part of the afternoon.

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AIPA donates to Ukraine

Dear Members of AIPA,

I am pleased to inform you that at the AIPA Board meeting of 8 April it was decided unanimously that we should make a donation in support of humanitarian aid to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal. We have therefore donated $5000 to the appeal through: https://www.ozeukes.com/ukraine-crisis-appeal/.

I have written to Mr Kohut, President of Association of Ukrainians in Victoria and Mr Romaniw, Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations informing them of our decision and I include the text of my correspondence below.

With best wishes to you all,

Dr Alexandra Margaret Dunwill

AIPA President

Melbourne, 12 April, 2022

Mr Slawko Kohut, President of Association of Ukrainians in Victoria and  

Mr Stefan Romaniw, Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations,

Dear Mr Kohut and Mr Romaniw,

On behalf of the Board of The Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (AIPA) I wish to state once more that AIPA stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state, so brutally attacked by Russia. 

We unequivocally condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and call for the harshest possible sanctions to be imposed on President Putin and his collaborators. By invading Ukraine, Russia has violated all international agreements, as well as the civilised values of freedom, democracy, and the right to national self-determination. 

We call for solidarity with Ukraine and support its right to independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised state borders. 

To help the Ukrainian cause, AIPA has donated $5000 to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal at: https://www.ozeukes.com/ukraine-crisis-appeal/ .

We will inform you of our future fundraising activities and events in support of the Ukrainian cause. 

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely

Dr Alexandra Margaret Dunwill 

AIPA President