A brief history of AIPA

The idea of establishing the Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (AIPA) emerged soon after the historic transformation of Poland in 1989, which witnessed the fall of communism and the establishment of democracy, with its attendant social and political liberalization. These momentous events inspired the Polish diaspora, generating new interest and pride in Polish heritage, and the opening of fresh opportunities for furthering relations between Australia and Poland. The traditional role of the Polish diaspora, which had been to strive for Poland’s independence and democracy, came to a natural end. In these changed circumstances many Polish migrants felt that the primary responsibilities of the emigré community should now be re-directed towards the promotion of the newly independent and democratic Poland and the fostering of Polish Australian links.

The foundation meeting of AIPA, headed by Professors Andrew (Andrzej) Ehrenkreutz (key advocate and activist)  was held in Melbourne on 3 August 1991, when the organization’s primary aims were formulated and its structure discussed. The Institute’s Statutory Rules were subsequently drawn up and adopted by the first Executive Committee (elected on 27 October 1991). Its inaugural President became prof. Jerzy Zubrzycki. AIPA was formally launched by Jan Nowak-Jeziorański in November 1991. The Canberra branch of AIPA was formed on 5 December 1991 and other branches were opened in Sydney, Hobart, and Perth. AIPA became an incorporated body on 18 March 1998.

A list of AIPA’s Executive Committees from 1991 to 2001 is published in:

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AIPA’s principal functions are performed on a voluntary basis, and its main source of income derives from membership fees. To become a member of our Institute your nomination must be proposed and seconded by two current AIPA members. Please contact us for details if you would like to become a member.
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