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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Australian Institute of Polish Affairs Members and Friends of AIPA,  

This year we celebrate a great success of the Polish literature with the Nobel Price for Olga Tokarczuk. Therefore, let me start with the quote from The Flights (orig. Bieguni):

“Standing there on the embankment, staring into the current, I realized that—in spite of all the risks involved—a thing in motion will always be better than a thing at rest; that change will always be a nobler thing than permanence; that that which is static will degenerate and decay, turn to ash, while that which is in motion is able to last for all eternity.”

With this in mind, I would like to wish you all the courage and strength to embrace changes in the ever-transforming globalised world, in the New Year 2020 in particular.

On behalf of the Committee of the Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (AIPA) I wish everyone a happy festive season and Wesołych Świąt

We thank our dear members for their contributions, wisdom and support. We hope your valued support will continue throughout 2020 in improving all aspects of Polish-Australian relations.

Dr Gosia Klatt, President

Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (AIPA)

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