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Genealogy of Memory, an informal meeting with Dr. Joanna Wawrzyniak

Dear AIPA Members and Friends,

The Australian Institute of Polish Affairs invites you to an informal meeting with a distinguished Polish young scholar Dr Joanna Wawrzyniak, that will take place on 26th February at 6.00 pm,  Armagh House, 226 Kooyong Road,Toorak, Melbourne, VIC 3142.

Dr Wawrzyniak will share information about her research into the subject of collective historical memory in Poland and will answer questions arising from the floor. Dr Wawrzyniak has been awarded many prizes, among others,  by a weekly Polityka “for a distinguished young researcher” (2009) and by Vice-Chancellor of University of Warsaw for “Genealogy of Memory” program (2012). Dr Wawrzyniak comes to Melbourne on invitation from the University of Melbourne where she presented a paper “Regions of Memory: Reflecting on Eastern European Memory Frames in Global Perspective” at an international conference.

Please RSVP to Wojciech Zagala by 25th Feb 2014 ( or 0456-649-723).


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