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Vale Mrs Barbara Williams

The Australian Institute of Polish Affairs is saddened to inform of the passing of Barbara Williams. Barbara has been a long-standing and active member of the AIPA. She and her late husband John were instrumental in facilitating access of AIPA to the Armagh facilities in Toorak, where most of our important functions have been held. […]

Dezaprobata wobec decyzji IPN

28 December 2020, AIPA wyraża dezaprobatę wobec decyzji Instytutu Pamięci Narodowej dotyczącej zasług Pana Mirosława Chojeckiego Australijski Instytut Spraw Polskich (AIPA) przyłącza się do Listu otwartego ws. Mirosława Chojeckiego podpisanego przez sześciu znamienitych naukowców i byłych członków Kolegium i Rady IPN, aby IPN nadał mu status działacza opozycji. AIPA, która powstała na bazie fali emigracji […]

Elite schools in Poland - AIPA seminar

Dr Alexandra Dunwill presented the findings from her PhD thesis on elite schools in Poland. Poland's elite school options have expanded during its post-communist transformation. It is a relatively new phenomenon in the post-communist space, and research in this area is limited. New elite schools emerge and adjust to changing global and national circumstances, embracing […]

President's annual report 2020

When I was taking over the role of AIPA President last November, I had a number of plans and strategies for AIPA activities in 2020. We all know how it all turned out – from March 2020 basically we all were focused first and foremost on the Covid-19 situation. The lockdowns and health threat this […]

Media Release

Large demonstrations in Poland sparked by the constitutional court's anti-abortion ruling Poland, once a symbol of successful transformation from communist oppression to democracy, is in the grip of huge demonstrations following the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling which bans almost all abortions. Tens of thousands have been protesting in towns and cities across Poland against the new […]
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