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AIPA special event – Melbourne (21 March)

Dear AIPA Members,

If you are in Melbourne on the day, we are delighted to invite you and your friends to hear from our special guest, Professor Jan Kozłowski from Jagiellonian University. 

Professor Jan Kozłowski will compare the current renewable energy policies in Poland and Australia in the context of the global climate crisis. He will focus not only on the current state of affairs in both countries (and their specific challenges) but will also discuss and compare the future potential of both countries and the related opportunities that may arise. He will also touch on the topic of the potential benefits of Polish-Australian collaboration in developing renewable energy.

Climate change policies: decarbonisation from Australian, Polish, and global perspectives.

WHEN: 21st March, 2023 at 6.00 pm

WHERE:  Armagh House, 226 Kooyong Road, Toorak, 3142

COST:  $15

About our Guest Speaker

Professor Jan Kozłowski, a prominent ecology expert, was in 2016 awarded Poland’s highest scientific prize by the Foundation for Polish Science for his achievements in evolutionary ecology research. Professor Kozłowski, a full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and an active member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, has for many decades occupied several leadership positions at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He now has a professor emeritus status at this oldest university in Poland.

Recognizing the increase of the Earth’s temperature and accompanying other climate changes as humanity’s greatest threat, Professor Kozłowski has focused his recent activities on climate protection. In this capacity, he participates in the 16-member Climate Crisis Advisory Committee established in 2020 by the Chair of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Committee has developed a range of recommendations for achieving net zero emission targets in Poland.

Kind Regards,

Dr Alexandra Margaret Dunwill

AIPA President

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