A Pandemic of Populists - recording of the webinar with Professor Sadurski.

September 17, 2022
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Dear AIPA Members and Friends,

You are invited to the AIPA webinar, A Pandemic of Populists: On the Populist Threat to Constitutional Democracy, with the prominent and, to some, controversial expert on constitutional law, Professor Wojciech Sadurski. 

The recording of the webinar that took place on Thursday, 6th October is now available on the AIPA YouTube chanel.

Following our successful seminar with Professor Martin Krygier, we would like to explore further the rise, and the dangers, of populism. This lecture by Wojciech Sadurski will examine the nature of the populist challenge to liberal constitutional democracy, focusing on Poland.

Best wishes,

Dr Alexandra Margaret Dunwill

AIPA President

Australian Institute of Polish Affairs
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