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AIPA Guest in 2007, Fr. Professor Michal Heller awarded the Order of White Eagle

Warsaw, May 3, 2014,
Last week, on Poland’s Constitution Day, May 3, 2014, Fr. Professor Michal Heller received the Order of White Eagle, the highest Polish state distinction. Professor Heller was a guest of AIPA in 2007 just a year before he received the Templeton Prize in 2008 for his efforts to bridge science and religion and showing that “the interaction between physics, philosophy and theology can be fruitful without violating the autonomy of science”.
Valued at over 1.6 million US dollars, the Templeton Prize is the world’s largest annual monetary award given to an individual.
Father Heller donated the money to an academic centre in Kraków devoted to research and teaching in science and theology.
A Professor at the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Krakow, he has more than 30 books to his credit on a wide range of topics including relativity, quantum mechanics, and the history of science. For more information see Links.