WEDNESDAY, 19th October 2022, commencing at 7.00pm - via zoom link – details will be provided by email prior to the meeting All financial members have a right to be represented at, and to vote at this meeting; the right may be exercised by attending in person, or by appointing a proxy, who must be […]

A Pandemic of Populists - recording of the webinar with Professor Sadurski.

Dear AIPA Members and Friends, You are invited to the AIPA webinar, A Pandemic of Populists: On the Populist Threat to Constitutional Democracy, with the prominent and, to some, controversial expert on constitutional law, Professor Wojciech Sadurski.  The recording of the webinar that took place on Thursday, 6th October is now available on the AIPA YouTube chanel. Following […]

Webinar with Professor Martin Krygier: Populism and the Rule of Law – in the world and in Warsaw.

Dear Friends, The recording of the AIPA webinar with the prominent expert on constitutional law, Professor Martin Krygier, "Populism and the Rule of Law – in the world and in Warsaw" is now available. Please see the details on the attached flyer - the link to the recording of the webinar is here.

How to donate to aid Ukrainian museums?

To donate to the Polish museum associations cited in the Webinar which are directly aiding Ukrainian museums & museum workers please go to:  1. Committee for Ukrainian Museums (Komitet Pomocy Muzeom Ukrainy)The Warsaw Rising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego) The website link in the English language is here as well as w języku polskim tutaj. Join […]

Pomoc Muzeum Ukrainy - wywiad w radio SBS

Joanna Lang, członkini AIPA, konserwatorka dzieł sztuki, związana z Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego oraz Muzeum Historii Polonii Australijskiej opowiada o webinarium poświęconym pomocy Muzeum Ukrainy w wywiadzie Dariusza Buchowieckiego w radio SBS. Pierwsz część wywadu jest dostępna tutaj. Druga część wywiadu jest dostępna pod drugim linkiem tutaj. Przypominamy numery kont na które moż wpłacać darowizny na […]
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