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“AIPA is a unique network of expertise and experience across the issues that shape and influence bilateral interests and the global concerns shared by Poland and Australia.” 

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To donate to the Polish museum associations cited in the Webinar which are directly aiding Ukrainian museums & museum workers please go to:  1. Committee for Ukrainian Museums (Komitet Pomocy Muzeom Ukrainy)The Warsaw Rising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego) The website link in the English language is here as well as w języku polskim tutaj. Join […]
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Joanna Lang, członkini AIPA, konserwatorka dzieł sztuki, związana z Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego oraz Muzeum Historii Polonii Australijskiej opowiada o webinarium poświęconym pomocy Muzeum Ukrainy w wywiadzie Dariusza Buchowieckiego w radio SBS. Pierwsz część wywadu jest dostępna tutaj. Druga część wywiadu jest dostępna pod drugim linkiem tutaj. Przypominamy numery kont na które moż wpłacać darowizny na […]
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AIPA members Irena Zdanowicz, Zofia and Jan Pakulski, Alexandra and Julian Dunwill attended a book launch of AIPA’s long-standing member Eva Collins. The launch was MC’ed by Rosie Lew, AM, a philanthropist supporting education, medical research, and the arts. She has been involved with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute since 1991 and was instrumental in […]
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The Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (AIPA)invites you to watch a recorded Webinar. The recording is now available on AIPA YouTube channel here. Many countries are helping Ukraine protect its museum collections and conserve its National Heritage that is threatened, or has been damaged, and destroyed  by Russia’s devastating war.From the very first days of […]
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